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Yuri on Ice is a Japanese animated series written by Sayo Yamamoto. The plot of this anime revolves around Japan’s most promising figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, who returns to his home back in Japan after facing the most crushing defeat at Grand Prix Final in Russia. Yuri’s hope for success is gradually withering down, and his love for pork cutlets is only helping him gain more weight.

However, Yuri’s life takes a drastic change when his video of his performance on the famous routine of Victor Nikiforov (five-time Russian figure skating champion) on “Stay Close to Me” goes viral. Victor is impressed by Yuri’s performance and decides to move to Japan and become Yuri’s coach. As being one of his biggest fans, Yuri accepts the offer, Victor. These two form a powerful bond over many competitions, and finally, Yuri becomes professional enough to become victorious in the Grand Prix Final. This series teaches us a lot about competitions and life. One of the famous quotes of the victor is

“You have to do the opposite of what people expect. How else will you surprise them? That’s my motto.”

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Frequently asked questions

Are Yuri and Victor in love?

Yuri and Victor find great companionship and understanding in each other. They also kissed in one of the competitions. Well, Victor was the one that made Yuri confident about skating again as he had lost all hope after facing a crushing defeat at Grand Prix Final. Yuri made Victor realize what love means. However, they both got engaged and lived a happy life together.

What mental illness does Yuri have?

Throughout the series, Yuri seems to have multiple mental illnesses. He suffers from anxiety and depression, which leads to his binge eating disorder (BED). His Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often triggers his depression, which is why he shuts everyone out.

Is Yuri on Ice a romance anime?

When you look it up, it says nothing about romance, but Yuri on Ice is a straight-up LGBTQ+ love story. This anime shows a budding romance between two men, Yuri and Victor.

What is the best seller of Yuri on ice merch?

The best seller of Yuri on Ice merch is “YURI!!! ON ICE Q POSKET PRINCE - YURI KATSUKI,” which you can purchase from the story for only 40.71USD. You can check our website to delight in our latest collection of anime merchandise. We make sure that you never regret purchasing from us! Shop now.

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