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About Us

Anime merch online is an online store and an E-commerce website that holds merchandise from the kingdom of amines in this world. Seven deadly sins were a manga series that was animated into a series due to its demand. Anime merch online also has merchandise of multiple other animated series in other genres.

Seven deadly sins have a huge fanbase and are one of the highest streaming shows on Netflix all over the world since the year 2020. Along with a huge fanbase, seven deadly sins is one of the most popular manga series that reciprocates to seven deadly sins merchandise being popular.

The story of the seven deadly sins manga series comes together when Nakaba Suzuki, a manga artist who published and adapted it as series which came out with two seasons between 2014-2018. Later in 2019, the third season was realized. Following came the fourth season in 2021 January, which was also a major hit. The story takes place in a fantasy-originated world called Britannia, a place which was influenced by the historical era until supposedly they wanted to rule over the loines kingdom. where a band of knights who were disbanded ten years before the beginning of the series plot, where they were framed for masterminding a coup in the loines kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth loines the protagonist is a princess and she goes on a journey to find the knights in command to get the kingdom back and succeeds to find the leader of seven deadly sins named “Meliodas” before other band members who were in the manipulation of a demon called “fraudrin” to unfasten the demon race from the prison. In the surge of all this, Meliodas is revealed to be the cursed son whose destiny is allied to princess Elizabeth liones.

Anime merch online holds 7DS merchandise with the best sellers being, seven deadly sins figurine of princess Elizabeth liones (bunny ver) and a variety of hoodies such as Meliodas face. They also include keychains that symbolize the theme of the anime series in the form of seven deadly sins characters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Seven deadly sins:


The most popular character of all in the series of seven deadly sins is princess Elizabeth. Elizabeth liones, known as the fallen angel. Given how Elizabeth becomes an ally of the sins and overcomes herself being the runaway princess she was in the beginning, her character as she was an angel until she was struck down by the love and destiny linked to Meliodas.

What is the best-selling merch on Anime merch online 7DS?

The best-selling merch on Anime merch online for seven deadly sins is a Meliodas badge which is priced at 34,500

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