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At Anime Merch online, we have a vast range of My Hero Academia Merch so that you can feel special and join the All Might!

“All men are not created equal” -Midoriya

Midoriya was right after all; some have “My Hero Academia” merchandise, and then there are those who do not have them.

My Hero Academia was a popular manga series that later transformed into an animated series. The story revolves around the theme of power or quirks and the responsibility it entails. In My Hero Academia, everyone has a specific ability or quirk that becomes a part of their identity. The people with more potent and effective quirks are set as heroes who fight the bad guys. Life proved not to be easy for the young Izuku Midoriya as he had no power. Still, with the hope and fascination, he had for the biggest hero, All Might was enough for Izuku to carry on helping people.

All Might knew he would die due to his injuries and searched for a worthy successor with a powerful quirk. It just so happens; he has a chance encounter with young Izuku and is pleased to know of his admiration towards the heroes. As they spend time together, All Might observes how Izuku helps anyone and everyone in need. This touches a chord in his heart, and he decides to pass on his quirk to Izuku.

As he does so, the transference is disturbed, and Izuku has a hard time controlling the power of the quirk. He always bursts through his hand and feet when he uses the 100% intensity of the quirk. To become a real pro-hero who can control his quirk, he joins a Hero Academia. With the help of his newfound friends there defeat evil while also learning to control his quirk correctly.  

Not only My Hero Academia has become a worldwide sensation, it has also produced one of the best merch products to be seen. The My Hero Academia merchandise has become popular because it makes every person who feels non-essential feel like a true pro-hero. Boku No Hero Academia or bnha merchandise has become symbolic and allegorical for its fans.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the most popular character of My Hero Academia?

Surprisingly, the most popular character of My Hero Academia is Shoto Todoroki. This is because fans always love a growth arc for a character, and Todoroki’s growth throughout the series can be seen as a significant impact on the storyline. In short, Shoto totally stole the spotlight from Izuku.

  1. What is the best-selling merchandise of My Hero Academia?

The best-selling merchandise of bnha is definitely the “My Hero Academia All Might 3D LED Lamp,” which comes only at $49.98.

  1. What is the number 1 ship of My Hero Academia?

The number 1 ship of all time in the My Hero Academia series is definitely between Katsuki Bakugou and Eijiro Kirishima. Fans love the emotional foundation of the relation and ship it as more of a perfect friendship duo rather than a romantic attachment.

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