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Haikyuu Kanji Tee

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About Us

Explore our range of haikyuu merch at our online store. This is an anime series that revolves around the sport of volleyball with great detail in animation as well as a variety of interesting characters. We have haikyuu merchandise for all these characters of course!

The main character, known as Hinata, studies hard and is enrolled at Karasuno High school. It’s made very clear from the beginning that his one true love is volleyball and so he goes to join his highschool’s volleyball team. However, there is a bit of tough news as his long time rival, known as kageyama has become one of his team mates. This is particularly annoying for our main character as they now have to work together to get the team to the varsity level. Despite their tangible hate for each other, the two rivals have an amazing strike combo that they can implement like no one else and thoughout the show, they compete against other schools, attend training camps, build rivalries and friendships and we get the luck of watching them grow. It is by far one of the most inspirational animes we have been blessed enough to watch and we hope these pieces of haikyuu merchandise will help share the love of this great show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does haikyuu mean?

As per the plot of the show which centres around a highschool volleyball team, haikyuu literally translates to volleyball from Japanese to English. The story is about a young highschooler who gets inspired by watching pro volleyballers on TV and working hard to get to their level.

Why is haikyuu so popular?

There is a multitude of reasons why haikyuu has gone on to become one of the most watched animes of the 21st century. It could be the great characters, it could be the awareness it brings around the pressure of student life and wanting to succeed at something, but what we find particularly awe inspiring, is the fact that it is so realistic in the techniques used, the josh, and even the tension between the players.

What kind of haikyuu merch do you have?

We have everything! From keychains, to hoodies, to socks, to jumpers to backpacks to bottles and heaps more. Of course if you can’t find anything that you like of you have something specific that you would like to be made, be sure to reach out to us on our contact us page and we’ll have it made for you.

What is better? BNHA Merch or Haikyuu Merch?

We definitely can’t answer this one as we love them both so much. Both series have equally engaging plot lines and addictive characters that you just root for with all your heart.

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