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Everyone who is into games is not surprised by the news of a new Final Fantasy game. This game has around 15 parts and the very first official release was done in 1987. The 1987 version was not what we see today but it is the reason why this revolutionary title gets so much attention now. The very next version, Final Fantasy II, was launched in 1988 and this one felt a little more witch what we are now used to. It had a group of heroes taking down the evil empire, pretty much the purpose of every game.

With time, and new versions, this game got more and more attention throughout the world. Final Fantasy X, released on the newest gaming module PlayStation 2 in 2001, showed how better the graphic quality of any game can be. The combat system of this game was updated in this era and it also included the very first voice acting moments in the cut scenes.

With the passing of time, Final Fantasy was so popular that movies and anime were being published in that name. Final Fantasy: the advent children, Kingslave: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy: The spirits within, and many others were seen in cinema.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Final Fantasy so famous?

The main reason it got so famous was because it was the closest anyone could get to play D&D, slaying, and gaining levels as you go forward – All of this on a console in your own home. However, there are many other similar games that came in the market but did not stand a chance for a long time. Final Fantasy remained popular because of it’s familiar mechanics, strong characters, and indulging stories that grab attention.

Is Final Fantasy 14 free?

No, it is not. Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription based game. However, you can play free upto some levels but not completely. You can play freely up to level 35. There is a subscription fee of $12.99 per month. However, the Final Fantasy XIV for PC is free. It has been created by Square Enix, and is only available for Windows.

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