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NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion), often known as Evangelion, is an anime series produced by Gainax that began airing in October of 1995. In addition to Hideaki Anno, the anime was co-produced by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems under the direction of Hideaki Anno (NAS).

The Evangelion series is centered on the corporation NERV, which employs enormous mechas known as Evangelions to attack horrific monsters known as Angels. Several of the prominent players, namely, are Shinji Ikari, Asuka Sohryu, and Rei Ayanami.

While the early episodes are primarily concerned with religious symbols and particular connections to the Bible, subsequent episodes delve deeper into the characters’ psyches, revealing that many suffer from serious emotional and mental difficulties.

The tale of Neon Genesis Evangelion begins in 2000 with the "Second Impact," a global calamity that nearly devastated Antarctica and killed half of the world's inhabitants. The public and even the majority of NERV believe the Impact was caused by a meteorite landing in Antarctica, causing devastating tsunamis.

The fundamental, initial plot goes as follows: Shinji, a 14-year-old child, is summoned to NERV (an organization tasked with saving humanity from annihilation) by his estranged, seemingly cold, and calculating father. His father's first words to him are an instruction to pilot an enormous robotic machine, the titular Evangelion, and combat the monster that is invading Tokyo-3, the city where NERV maintains its headquarters.

These illusory 'monsters' are known as Angels, and they appear to be unstoppable - ordinary armament, even in 2015, has little effect on them. Only the Eva 'biotechs,' which can only be controlled by a restricted group of 14-year-olds, can stop them.

Frequently asked questions

What happened to Adam after the third impact?

I enjoyed the aesthetics and the tale, it could have benefited from a stronger climax. Was Adam still alive after the Third Impact? Before Gendo Ikari fused him in his hand, he was an embryo that was brought to Nerv. However, he failed in his attempt to use Adam to begin his own Third Impact and reconnect with his wife.

Why did angels always attack Tokyo 3?

This is a very interesting topic. Since I got to see gigantic monsters slug it out, I never gave it much attention. But then I understood that the world is large and that the Angels have other, possibly better, areas to terrify than my small town in Pennsylvania. It's not worth the effort to break into a strongly guarded city only to die at the hands of EVA units, so why waste their time? While Adam was in Nerv's bunker, Kaji said that they wanted to find him and reunite with him. That's the reason they attacked Tokyo 3.

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