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Get your hands on the latest Devil may cry merch from our anime merch online store. You can grab your favorite items at Anime Merch Online.

Devil May Cry or DMC is well known worldwide as a game series that has its origins way back since 2001. The original DMC story revolves around a strong character named “Dante” and the prince of darkness, Mundus. This game allows the player to use the demonic power of Dante to defeat Mundus. However, people did get bored as the gameplay and graphics did not interest them after a while, and they demanded more action, more blood.

The popularity of Devil May Cry demanded another part, and soon after two years, DMC 2 came into the market, following with the DMC 3 in 2005 and DMC 4 in 2008. Other than the Devil may cry 4, the spotlight was mainly on Dante, but it was taken away this time, and Nero, a holy knight in the order of the sword, gained more attention. This game starts with the death of Sanctus -The high priest of the order- at Dante’s hands in front of Nero. The killing of Sanctus stirred the emotions of Nero and woke his demonic powers. Gradually as the plot thickens and true intentions of the order come to light. Sanctus within savior captures Nero, and Dante putting an end to the weaponized statue of Sparda, which leads Nero to put a stop to Sanctus, is how this game end.

After several years, recently in 2019, the DMC 5 was released, continuing the story of Dante and Nero. This encouraged many fans again, and now we are also offering you our Devil May Cry 5 merchandise in our stores not to miss the action. If you are looking for the finest quality of Devil may cry merchandise, you should browse through our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which DMC is the hardest to play?

Gameplay of Devil May Cry 3 is known to be the hardest. It is the most difficult among the series of 5 as the bosses and the enemies in this game get harder and harder. As the player gets weaker, enemies get stronger with the increase of difficulty level.

Will there be a Devil May Cry 6?

Dust Golem, an inside source who often give out leads that come true, said that DMC 6 is confirmed. He said that the 6th part is in the development stage at the moment.

In what order should I play the game to be in the correct timeline?

The chronological order of DMC makes no sense, the correct order to play this game is the following:

1. Devil May cry 3

2. Devil May cry

3. Devil May Cry 2

4. Devil May Cry 4

5. Devil May Cry 5

Is Devil May cry a good Anime?

Critiques have said that if you are looking for an extraordinary anime full of action, Devil May Cry might not be the best. The animation in it is pretty mediocre when there is actual action in the scenes. You can watch it on Netflix, however, there are many other action jam packed anime that are much better than this one.

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