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At Anime Merch Online, we have a wide range of attack on titan merch so that you can also join the scouts!

“on that day, humanity received a grim reminder”

This is a vastly popular anime series that has gone on to release video games, amusement parks, and even a live-action movie, and of course, many forms of aot merchandise. The basic premise of the story is that the last people of all of humankind are trapped within these walls to protect themselves from gigantic monsters known as “titans”. As if the opening didn’t sound scary enough, layers upon layers of plot lines are released throughout the episodes in this anime series and although the anime series is coming to an end, the fascination with this amazing series can be prolonged with some attack on titan merchandise.

This anime has taken the world by storm. Not only is the plot amazing, and unlike anything ever written before, but it’s also got some of the strongest characters that people have gone to love. Everyone that’s gone to see the trailer has gone on to say how amazing it is and how it is a must-see show. And then of course, once you’ve seen the show, you’ll need to get yourself some amazing aot merch to remind you of how great it was after you’ve finished it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does attack on titan have a manga?

Yes, it does! The first manga actually was released 7 years before the anime started. It was released as a one-shot manga in 2006 but the writer, only 19 years of age at the time, came back to it much later and decided to turn it into the amazing anime that we see today.

What is the most popular attack on titan merch?

Not surprisingly at all, the body pillows of the beloved anime characters are the most popular forms of merchandise. You can snuggle up to a Jean, Levi, or even one of the titans if that is your preference.

Who is the best character?

Although this is up for discussion, and open to interpretation, our favourite by fair is Levi Ackerman. There is no one else like him. He is the most powerful soldier and the way he takes down titans is unparalleled.

Do you sell Attack on Titan Cosplay materials?

We most definitely do! If you think you have what it takes to fight with your scout comrades against the titan invasion then gear up with our variety of merch below, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us on our contact us page and we’ll find whatever you’re looking for.

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