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The story of Akame ga kill revolves around a young countryside boy named Tatsumi, who steps out of his village to move into the Capital to save his town from poverty. He encounters a woman who promises him a chance to enter the army if only he pays her enough money. Unfortunately, he gets tricked and loses all of his money. Being lost as a new boy in the Capital without money, he decides to sleep on the streets, where luckily, a young and beautiful woman picks her up and gives him a shelter to live in. Tatsumi spends the night in her home, who also promises him a chance to enter the army.

One night, the house is raided by a group of assassins called "Night Raid," considered the bad guys in the story. But on this night, Tatsumi finds out that the noble family who took him in actually loves to torture young and poor people and has his friends caged. He deciphered that they were going to torture and kill him as well. When he loses his friends, Tatsumi joins the "Night Raid" and discovers that he genuinely identifies and belongs here rather than in an army. The group of assassins, "Night Raid," and their new member, Tatsumi, plan to win against injustice.

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Frequently asked questions


What do you love the most about Akame ga Kill?


The best thing about akame ga kill is that it is not traditional. We have often seen shows or series where the main characters are not killed, but Akame ga kill is different. They break this tradition and create excitement for their viewers. The action sequence in the series quickly grasps the attention of the audience as it is depicted brilliantly. Every character of akame ga kill is unique and different and has its own story. It is well scripted and is comprised of some beautiful quotes that will hit you hard.

"The Places You Burned Down Are Beyond Recovery..."

What are your favorite characters of Akame ga kill, and why?


Bols and Mine are our favorite characters

Bols is a tall, muscular character wearing a grey mask. He portrays himself as a monstrous being, but on the inner side, he is the purest of all. He carries himself with pride and considers himself as a loving husband and a number one dad, which he proves as well. He has a reason to fight for the Capital. Well, he is the star of the anime.

Mine comes to the Capital to seek money for survival but gets taken back by the corruption leading over. She has a powerful reason to fight for the Capital. Mine has some unique Imperial arms that grant her a place in the assassins. Also, she sacrificed her life for Tatsumi.

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