Reasons Why Haikyuu Would be Your Next Favorite Anime

There are many animes that are different from each other. Anime fans are always in the search for new and amazing anime to watch. There are different preferences of anime fans, such as some would prefer anime with humor and suspense, while others prefer action and sports. However, for sports anime-fans Haikyou is the latest sports anime that falls in the must-watch list.

Haikyou is about a volleyball sport that is based on Haruichi Furudate's manga. It is considered to be one of the best sports anime as of now. Haikyou features a compelling storyline for each character, along with the heart-racing experience of intense matches.

Haikyou is one of the best anime that you would enjoy watching, and here are a few reasons to tell you why


Haikyou consists of several characters that undergo storylines that describe the history and struggle of each character justly. The characters have their style and attribute that make them a good part of the team.

Some students are seniors, while some are juniors co-existing in a single team. The sports anime features each of the character's flaws and skillset. It also shows how emotions affect their game. Most similar characters tend to cancel each other out in terms of personality, making for an entertaining experience.


Everyone loves a good story in an anime, and when it comes to Haikyou, the story is compelling enough to leave your heart pounding with excitement at the end of every episode. 

Haikyou is an underdog story, in which Shoyo Hinata tries to overcome all odds and allows watchers to gain the satisfaction of seeing him strive and succeed.

The plot is based on a kid named" Shōyō Hinata" who discovers his passion for volleyball after watching the national championships on TV. He is inspired by the champion's star player dubbed "Little Giant."

From that very day, the kid has been determined on achieving his dream of winning the championships. Thus he starts by forming a new volleyball club in middle school. Unfortunately, the team loses their first tournament but remains determined. Hence the team continues to motivate towards their path for becoming national champions.


Haikyou provides a new level of friendship, as the entire team is bent on helping each other get better. The team is an unlikely crew that may bicker, tease, and makes fun of each other, but they understand that each team member is essential to achieve their goals.

You can see growth from season 1 to season 3, as they convey the message and importance of friendship. After watching this anime, you understand the true meaning of teamwork. Hence the interaction between characters would be enough to get you hooked on it.

The sport

Most people would wonder," What's so great about students playing volleyball?" Well, Haikyou isn't just about playing the sport. It's about how you play it and how you succeed. Watching the characters practice relentlessly motivates the watchers.

The anime gives you enough time to understand the game's rules, as there are a series of practice matches and more animations that guide you through the sport.


Not only would you have a great time enjoying the relationships between characters or the thrilling sport, but Haikyou also features top-notch humor. You won't be able to stop laughing as the humor strikes you with full force. 

Humor comes from perfect facial expressions to the subtle exaggerated responses. Individuals who prefer humor indeed love Haikyou.


Upon paying closely seeing the animations and graphics, you will find that the attention to detail is very apparent from the first episode to the end. Thus the landscapes and during the match animations are handled with delicacy and put out a beautiful view.


Haikyou is a must-watch sports anime that you should not miss, and those who have seen it know how great it is. Hence many anime fans are obsessed with Haikyou merchandise and are looking for a reliable place to find official Haikyou merch.

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