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いらっしゃいませ and welcome to Anime Merch Online!

After scouring through multiple anime merch websites we found a lot of online stores weren't selling exactly what we were after. Either the merch was too cheap in quality or too expensive in price tag, and we needed to fix this. Thus Anime Merchandise Online was born, the number 1 website to get the best anime merch no matter where in the world you are.

We're the only anime merchandise store to offer free shipping world wide with no minimum spend. We also house a wide range of merch for different animes, games, and if you can't find the one you're looking for, use our contact us page to request merch and we will hunt it down for you (and keep the price reasonable!)

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ありがとう and happy shopping!

Official Naruto Merchandise

Why We Love Anime Merchandise

No genre of movies, books, tv shows or cartoons comes close to the amazing plot lines, detailed drawings or inspiring characters of those found in anime. So, it's a given that we have little pieces of memorabilia that remind us of the great feelings we get while watching these great stories, decade after decade.

Now with Anime Merch Online, you can also get cheap anime merch that doesn't compromise on quality, as well as lowkey anime merch or subtle anime merch if you'd like to take the less obvious approach. On the other hand, we even stock cosplay items so you can go full on with the stanning.

Why Buy From Us?

Quality is a Guarantee

At Anime Merch Online, we know better than to compromise on quality. We invest our earnings into crafting better products and better tools, while keeping our costs low so that the benefit falls to our customers, not our pockets. We are a big beliver of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, because without you, there would be no us.

All orders have tracking codes

Unlike some of our other friendly anime websites, we offer We 100% secure checkout with our website and Universal SSL. All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. Complying with PCI-DSS requirements help ensures that your credit card information is secure.

Free & Fast Shipping

Once you've placed an order on line, we know how frustrating the waiting game can be. So we've made speed of delivery one of our top priorities. We have 5 distribution centres worldwide. Infact, so that you can get your order as quickly as the next week or 2 weeks. 

We won't be beaten on Price

Our objective is to provide the best anime merch to all anime fans, because wanting to represent your favourite manga or anime characters should not be restricted by price.

If this is your first time ordering online with us, we know it can be a bit scary trusting a new anime merch shop. Especially with all the other ones out there that over-inflate their prices and give us a bad name. In the rare case something gets lost, we provide you with a refund or a new item, money back guarantee. 


5 Japanese Anime Phrases You Need To Know

Naturally while watching a variety of different animes in the original Japanese dubbing, there is no doubt that you'll pick up some super important phrases. While these may not help you survive the streets of Japan, here are the most common anime phrases from almost all the anime series in exsistence.

Nani? (なに?) What? (The longer the anime character stretches the word, the more confused they are)

Baka! (ばか!) Idiot! (Probably THE most used phrase in animes everywhere)

Arigatou! (ありがとう!) Thank you !

EHHHH? (え?) The sound that naturally comes out when you don't understand something or you're surprised.

Sugoi! (すごい) Amazing!


The Future of Anime Merch Online

We've been able to grow a lot over these past few years thanks to the support of our wonderful customers and shoppers. With a variety of giveaways, competitions and more, we're hoping to re-invest into this and help strengthen the bonds between our family members. We've even expanded into gaming anime merch, cosplay and more.

We're extemely pleased with how much we've been able to contribute to our family so far, and can't wait to see what's ahead for us in the future of Anime Merch Online.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your anime merchandise from?

We use a variety of different suppliers from all over the world to find who can create the best quality for the best price. Having said that, we get most of our stock from Japan.

How long does it take before you ship an item?

The next day! Why should we delay? Once we receive the order we will process the item immediately if it's in stock and send you an email confirmation that the item is on its way. You should also receieve a tracking ID via email.

What kind of anime merchandise do you sell?

We sell everything from anime hoodies, clothes, figurines, stationery, bags, badges, pins, books, and much much more! On top of that if you want to request something custom, you can contact us using the links below and we'll try to source it for you.

What happens if we have issues with the order upon delivery?

No sweat! We have a 30 day money back guarantee so that if you don't love the product, you can send it back to us with a receipt and an image of the issue with the product and we'll refund you instandly. Contact us using the information here.

How can I trust Anime Merch Online?

We've been lucky enough to have 50,000 happy customers around the world, and this was achieved through constant innovation. We've adapted our processes to maximise lower costs and keep costs low for our customers. We also offer a full refund if there are any issues with the product.

What payment options are available?

We offer a variety of different, secure payment processes including PayPal, Secure Checkouts, Gpay, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Klarna, Shop Pay, Humm, Zip, Afterpay and more.